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A pillow is steam-cleaned in an allergy-friendly way
Woman stretches after waking up in Henriette's cosy hotel room

Feel-good hotel for allergy sufferers too

Breathe a sigh of relief

It’s good news: allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief with us! 
Thanks to our unique cleaning method using micro-dry steam, in combination with our skin-friendly, organic and natural bed linen, we offer our guests an allergy-friendly environment during their stay in Vienna. There are no chemicals or mites that can trigger allergies. Everyone at Hotel Henriette benefits from a healthy, chemical-free environment.

If guests are looking for an "allergy-friendly hotel in Vienna", Hotel Henriettel is the right place for them. We all agree on this and like to talk about our "micro-steam love".

Healthy cleaning and professional disinfection

The perfect cleaning solution for allergy sufferers

There really is someone who doesn't feel at home in Hotel Henriette. Someone we never get to see, but whose mere presence makes some of us cry: the common house dust mite. It’s a nasty thing, as it often spoils a hotel stay for allergy sufferers. But cleaning products and detergents can also cause breathing difficulties, allergies or skin irritation.

Our completely chemical-free and residue-free cleaning method uses micro dry steam and so provides the perfect remedy; there are no problems caused by chemicals. In addition to regular room cleaning, our well-being experts regularly and thoroughly steam decorative cushions, curtains etc., leaving house dust allergies no chance.

Competent and allergy-friendly cleaning at Hotel Henriette
How it works

More than just hot air

It's getting hot in here: Not all steam is the same. The micro steam from our appliances has nothing to do with the steam from conventional steam cleaners; it is saturated micro dry steam. At 185 °C to over 200 °C (365 °F to over 390 °F), micro dry vapour is extremely hot. (In comparison: conventional steam cleaners only manage 100 to 120 degrees (210 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit). The hot and dry vapour shoots out of the gun at a pressure of 9 to 10 bar and efficiently removes dirt from every pore.

The Wellbeing Experts at Hotel Henriette use 90% less water than conventional cleaning methods and do not introduce any chemicals or microplastics into the waste water. In addition, there are no plastic containers for cleaning products, skin and respiratory tracts are not irritated and the rooms always smell like they have been freshly aired.

No chemicals, no microplastics, no plastic waste, low water consumption, better indoor climate - that's real micro-steam love!

Employee cleaning a mirror without chemical cleaning agents at the Hotel Henriette in Vienna
Allergy-friendly sleep in the hotel

The ideal bed linen for sensitive people

In our bedding, made from certified organic cotton and linen, even allergy sufferers can tuck themselves in comfortably, because our sheets are free from toxins or residues that could irritate your skin. 

In addition, our natural bedding regulates temperature and moisture and is particularly breathable – properties that the house dust mite does not appreciate at all, much to its disadvantage - but to the total delight of everyone else! 

Swapping bed linen made from organic cotton

(...) We are allergic to dust and so on. However, we spent our stay here without the slightest allergy symptoms. People who suffer from this type of allergy know what I'm talking about. There is nothing to complain about regarding Hotel Henriette in Vienna. We were very satisfied with everything. (...)

Vladislav - December 2023 (Booking.com)
Set breakfast table at the central 4-star Hotel Henriette in Vienna
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