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Bouquet of flowers in a woven basket in the Hotel Henriette in Vienna.
The Henriette Stadthotel team in the hotel garden.


This is Our Team Henriette 

What connects us? Believing in goodness, having a positive world view, and loving our work! We gladly give our all and are happy to be part of something that makes others happy. 

Together we give our actions meaning. We all agree: “Each and every one of us makes an important contribution to the success of the whole, both in and around Hotel Henriette. This is how we achieve the best for our guests and ourselves!” Our employee programme is also about shaping the self-image and self-confidence of every team member. And now we would like to introduce the many wonderful people who make up the Henriette team …

Employee picking fresh, home-grown sage at the 4* Hotel Henriette in Vienna
What do we want?
For our guests to take more of the Henriette spirit out into the world!
Vase with lavender and water glass on a table in the 4* Hotel Henriette in Vienna
GeorG Pastuszyn &
Verena Brandtner-Pastuszyn

The Forward Thinkers

Georg and Verena are sparring partners and teachers for one another, both at work and in their private lives. Together they not only have two great boys, 4 chickens, 6 apple trees and a tomcat, but also clear ideas about life – friendliness, appreciation and joy play central roles for them.

Georg is always thinking and improving. He aims to inspire others with what he does; to show them new possibilities and ways to do things. Quite the challenge to give yourself...

Verena is the dynamic one who likes to roll up her sleeves and create beautiful spaces, both inside and outdoors. Places full of life, where people feel comfortable because they feel valued and welcome.

Verena and Georg Pastuszyn, owners of the city hotel Henriette, in the garden.

"Sustainability has always been important to us! We see economic success as an essential foundation, and not as our sole goal. We want to be socially and ecologically successful, too. We just want to do what we do well."

Georg Pastuszyn
Young lady in the front door of an old Viennese coffee house.
Employees of the city hotel Henriette in front of the Karlskirche in the nearby centre of Vienna.
Employee of Hotel Henriette on a trip to the zoo.

Our team of guest enthusiasts: the Welcome Crew

“Our job is to excite guests from all over the world” – that’s how our reception and reservation team likes to describe their job. 

They manage all tasks related to international guest stays: enquiries, bookings, phone duty, check-in, check-out, special guest preferences and secret tips for Vienna. The reception team love to make every wish of our guests a reality – all whilst putting a smile on their faces.

Eight to nine guest enthusiasts are always working to ensure that guests feel excited about our special place in Vienna – even before their stay. And when they – when YOU – walk through the door, you will immediately get the feeling that you have arrived. 

Coming from all over the world, our staff are actually also sales consultants, organisers, bartenders, baristas, tour guides, translators and sometimes even psychologists.

Hello & welcome! 
The early birds at breakfast

Our Wakeup Crew

“We’re in charge of all things delicious”, they say. But that's not all, because our ‘Muntermacher’ breakfast team takes on the challenge of creating a good mood each morning. They have apparently unlocked the secret to a “Miracle Morning”. 

At 6.00 am they are up and at ‘em, getting down to work AND feeling good too! In short: they make even the grumpiest guest smile and prepare all of our delicious pick-me-ups. They bake cakes and make granola, dish up pancakes, show their barista skills, and are truly masters at decorating and serving with love. Oh, and they make jam with seasonal strawberries, raspberries and apricots, too.

They also provide guests with information about Austrian delicacies: Where does it come from? What’s inside? Why don’t you serve orange juice at Hotel Henriette? They look after and cherish Henriette’s flower and herb garden. And last but not least, they are also responsible for preparing the lunch that the entire Henriette team enjoys together. 

Our breakfast team comes from all over the world and love adding special treats from their homelands to our breakfast table.

Staff of Hotel Henriette with regional products for a perfect breakfast in Vienna.
Hotel Henriette staff with regional products for a perfect breakfast in Vienna

Our Problem Solvers 

There’s always something to do around the hotel to keep everything running smoothly. It’s rare to see our in-house technicians without a cordless screwdriver, drill or some other tool in their hands. They're quite honestly professional problem solvers: there's nothing they can't fix. 

Our technicians also keep all the hardware around the hotel in tip-top shape. They take care of the outdoor area, and see to it that all of our decorating ideas can be made a reality.

Facility manager at the 4* city hotel Henriette in Vienna
Orange chair and cable in Hotel Henriette, Vienna.
and then there’s our …

Revenue Creator & Enjoyment Coordinator

Our REVENUE CREATOR for revenue & sales: She makes sure that you can book your stay at Henriette City Hotel on all possible channels – and still get the best price when you book directly with us. With her experienced sense of the market, precise analysis of supply and demand, and a close eye on figures, she determines pricing strategies and sales channels, maintains reservation systems and takes care of corporate customers.

Our ENJOYMENT COORDINATOR aka food & beverage manager: Your taste buds are his responsibility. Together with our wakeup crew, he develops our breakfast selection, carefully chooses products and suppliers, passes on his gastronomical expertise among our staff, and develops Henriette’s culinary future. As a trained chef, sometimes you’ll find him in the kitchen, too – cooking up staff lunch or whipping up treats for Henriette’s Wine & Dine events.

Our value creator at the Henriette Stadthotel
Our flavour coordinator at Henriette Stadthotel
… working behind the scenes for Henriette

Our Facilitator & the Enabler

Our ENABLER for the office, administration and purchasing: Our backbone and organisational brain. She takes care of administration duties and staff administration, pays invoices, prepares accounting documents, and purchases everything a hotel needs. And she’s always the first to volunteer when there’s an occasion to celebrate – she loves guest events and staff parties.

Our FACILITATOR, aka Head of Operations – coordinates all hotel-relevant topics on-site with enthusiasm and commitment, and makes sure processes are smooth, communication between departments is efficient, and projects are made reality. She also offers reinforcement to our Forward Thinkers and gives Henriette’s ideas an extra boost.

Administration and assistant to the management at Hotel Henriette

“We don’t consider what we do really special. We value our guests, we value our employees, we live in an open-minded, friendly way. We are who we are.”

Verena Brandtner-Pastuszyn

Storyteller & Co-Thinker

Our STORYTELLER on Instagram, TikTok & co.: She shapes our social media presence and gives Henriette’s followers daily insights into life at their favourite hotel in Vienna. Her work behind the camera is simply amazing, and it is incredible what hidden talents she teases out of her colleagues. In addition to her work as social media manager, she is also our marketing assistant and gets collaborations off the ground.

Our CO-THINKER for brand & marketing: Our brand guardian looks after our public image. Henriette speaks through her words: she writes copy (on the computer, as well as in her beautiful handwriting) and transforms ideas into graphics – all with an eye on the big picture and the tiniest details, as well. She is the one who, together with our Forward thinkers, is responsible for developing Henriette as a brand. With all her heart and good humour!

Office team member sitting outside Vienna.
Office team member sitting on a bench outside Vienna.

Our Rising Stars 

Allow us to introduce the heroes of tomorrow – and today! Our rising stars enhance our hotel with their incredible personal dedication and youthful dynamic. For them, Hotel Henriette is not only a popular and cool employer in Vienna, but also an excellent place to get job training. Our rising stars enrich our hotel through their work: they lend a hand, perform at their best, are proud of what they can do – and they love to learn!

At Hotel Henriette, they learn professional skills and many soft skills. What really matters? Self-confidence, communication skills, resilience, teamwork and personal responsibility. We are so proud of our rising stars!

The Rising Stars at Hotel Henriette

The Groundbreakers

And then there are the people who “created” the time of their lives – and are now looking back at their life’s work: Jacek and Annelie Pastuszyn. Without them there would be no Henriette! They were the ones who built the hotel (formerly known as “Das Capri”) and even today play a major role in our Henriette.

Annelie can usually be found in the office and takes care of various accounting tasks.

Jacek is always there to buy something or pick something up. He puts a lot of TLC into making sure our flowers are happy and beautiful. What a wonderful gift to the entire neighbourhood! We really love when passers-by stop to snap a photo of our beautiful flowers in spring.

And as it is in a real family business, they also look after Henriette’s next generation – namely their grandchildren.

The founders of the Hotel Capri, predecessor of the Henriette
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