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Henriette is: Sustainably unique.

perhaps the most sustainable hotel in Vienna

Sustainability – Our Contribution

Or should we say: Our contribution – your benefit! In recent years, we have put nearly 170 sustainable measures ranging from very small to very large into place at Hotel Henriette. Many of them are a matter of course; others, on the other hand, were a real labour of love.

And even if you don't see all the things we do right away, you will certainly feel one thing: Real sustainability draws on the plentiful, adds quality and happens with ease and lots of love! ♥

"It's about sticking with it – not perfection."

Verena Brandtner-Pastuszyn
Award-Winning Green Hotel

Sustainably different, sustainably unique

Believe it or not, we actually went through our many small and large sustainability measures one by one for you! Admittedly, we were impressed by the number. And perhaps a bit proud, too:

168* measures currently make Henriette the sustainable hotel in Vienna that you so love. 

Nearly 170 ecological, sustainable and economical measures can be found throughout all the areas of our hotel – from breakfast to our rooms, from our team culture to our management, from how we use resources to how we communicate with guests.

These are also the measures we work on and classify within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and which we evaluate using the common good matrix and ESG sustainability rating. Oh, and for which Henriette Stadthotel Vienna has won several awards! :-)

*As of June 2024

A typewriter at Hotel Henriette
Don't just react – act!

From carbon footprint …

At 1.28 kg*, Henriette's carbon footprint is simply sensational compared to other hotels! During your stay with us, you save a whopping 9.5 kg of CO2 per night! 

Nevertheless, this footprint only measures the minimisation of damage. It's a call to action rather than something light-hearted. That’s why so much of what we do towards sustainability is meant to inspire people to join in and copy us. We don't want to simply react – we want to take matters into our own hands.

* SDI ESG-Report 2022; Industry average 10.77 kg

Your CO2 savings at Hotel Henriette: 9.5 kg/night compared to other hotels
Our favourite measure: inspiring others

… to a sustainable handprint

Our "handprint" is a promise of quality: sustainability brings joy and enjoyment. Better sleep, better breakfast, a better Vienna experience.

Your individual travel choices when it comes to sustainability set an example for others. Thank you for being a true pioneer and change maker!

Cutting herbs in Henriette's little flower and herb garden
Stamping at the typewriter station in the lobby of the Henriette Stadthotel

"Successful sustainability is not just a matter of figures. It is a combination of happy guests, satisfied employees, respect for the environment, a clean conscience and lots of creative drive. The figures – whether it's our Common Good Balance Sheet total or the points in the ESG rating – simply convert everything into measurable and comparable numbers."

Georg Pastuszyn

Henriette Stadthotel, Vienna

We're not just any sustainable hotel in Vienna

A magazine of the Hotel Henriette
360° sustainability
Economy for the Common Good
Measurable goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Proven quality
Our certifications

You can tell this hotel follows the principles of the Economy of the Common Good not only by local organic products at breakfast – you also get the feeling you are a guest staying with friends. 

Andreas - April 2024 (Booking.com)
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