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Live well, Feel good.
Henriette City Hotel

MUCH More than just a “Green hotel” In vienna & Austria

The First Vienna Hotel to Focus on the Common Good Economy

“We want the good life!” At the Hotel Henriette, it just feels right. With a foundation based in sustainability, everything has a personal touch and you can immediately tell: “We are Henriette!” When we work together, it’s easy to life well.

Your hosts, Georg and Verena Pastuszyn, turned some ways of thinking upside down many years ago. Everyday actions are to be questioned, improved and developed. Their family-run hotel in the city of Vienna has drawn positive attention to itself by choosing to follow the Economy for the Common Good at the beginning of 2019: Henriette City Hotel is the first Vienna hotel with a Common Good Balance Sheet!

Lady reading a book in the 4 star city hotel Henriette in Vienna.
What we’re proud of
Henriette Stadthotel is the 1. Common Good hotel in Vienna.
Bookshelf with green plants in Vienna's 1st hotel with a common good balance sheet
Environmental Award of the City of Vienna at a pond.
What we’ve done
Hotel Henriette – formerly known as Das Capri – received the City of Vienna’s 2019 Environmental Award.
Lady with a cup of coffee in her hands on the balcony of the sustainable Hotel Henriette, Vienna.
Georg and Verena Pastuszyn in the garden of the 4 star Hotel Henriette in Vienna
What an honour for Georg & Verena!
Named one of Businessart magazine’s 2019 “Sustainability Leaders in Austria”.
Fresh herbs in pots at the Hotel Henriette, the 1st Viennese hotel with a common good balance sheet.

What is Economy for the Common Good?

  • The economic and social success of a company is defined by values that serve the common good.
  • Human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice and democratic participation are the keywords here.
  • The goal is a good life for all living creatures and the planet, supported by an economic system focused on the common good.
  • It is an initiative to raise awareness; for a change based on the mutual, respectful actions of as many people as possible.

"No, we’re not trying to change the whole world.
But our little piece of it? Definitely."

Georg Pastuszyn & Verena Brandtner-Pastuszyn

Economy for the common good

Live well. Feel good.

What is the Economy for the Common Good (ECG)? Well, start by opening your window! You have to take a look outside the Hotel Henriette to truly understand this future-looking economic model ... 

What matters on our planet is more than just economic performance. It goes beyond just a “green hotel” in Vienna, Austria: it’s about an ethical economic model with total solidarity. And a good life — for our guests and for everyone we work with.

“In the first Economy for the Common Good evaluation, we achieved a balance sheet total of 398 points; 2019‒2021 we were able to reach 410 points, thus exceededing the legal requirements by 41%. We couldn’t be happier!” Georg Pastuszyn

Lady reading a book in the 4 star city hotel Henriette in Vienna.
Young lady in the front door of an old Viennese coffee house.
Young lady sitting on a park bench in Vienna.
Married couple Jacek and Annelie Pastuszyn in Vienna.

SPIRIT & COMMUNITY: Georg and Verena Pastuszyn love turning the wheel of time forward. Everyone appreciates this innovation, and guests feel that creativity and community have high priority here.

HUMAN DIGNITY & RESPECT: Jacek and Annelie Pastuszyn, founders of the former Hotel Capri, are enjoying their well-earned retirement. But they’re always ready to lend a helping hand – that’s what keeps them young and full of life. And there is always something to do!

TRANSPARENCY & HAVING A SAY: From our outstanding “Muntermacher” breakfast team to our hosting enthusiasts and feel-good experts – the Hotel Henriette is a much-loved workplace for all of our teams. Here we truly appreciate one another. Our suppliers, partners and team appreciate the Hotel Henriette just as much as our owners and guests. 

Our team makes the Hotel Henriette what it is: a place where everyone is welcome and can feel good!” Verena Brandtner-Pastuszyn

Live well and let others do the same


The good life at Hotel Henriette

  • Clear guidelines for purchasing: local suppliers and products have priority
  • 84% of our suppliers and service providers are local
  • 85% of our food is local, 66% is organic produce
  • Commitment to long-term cooperation with suppliers based on the best bidder principle
  • Exterior design with the goal of making Praterstrasse more attractive and adding value
  • Focus on local materials and products for renovations and redesigns
  • Exclusive collaboration with local suppliers and service providers
  • We carry the Austrian Ecolabel (since 2005) and EU Ecolabel (since 2015)
  • We have converted our heating system from a fossil fuel to an innovative air-to-air heat pump system
  • We have changed all lighting to LED; even our mini bar fridges are energy efficient
  • Our love of sustainability is also reflected in eco-certified body care products and reusable dispensers
  • We are working on further improvements and measures in cooperation with OekoBusiness Wien
  • Our guests sleep in natural organic bedding such as cotton, linen or corn.

We are currently working a unique 7-point team programme:

  • 1 – We know what’s going on: clear ground rules
  • 2 – We know where we're going: written company vision as our guiding light
  • 3 – We think and join in: employee surveys, idea management, praise & recognition
  • 4 – We look after ourselves and out for one another: we eat lunch together, celebrations & recreational activities, healthcare
  • 5 – Further training & development: external seminars & internal training, training catalogue, employee exchange
  • 6 – We take responsibility: each and every individual contributes, annual motto
  • 7 – Spreading the word: development of our own employer website

sustainability in practice

Live well. Feel good. At Hotel Henriette

Carrots with greens from regional partners at the Henriette city hotel.
Live well. Feel good.
... while eating
The high quality of the food we serve is extremely important to us at Henriette City Hotel in Vienna. Our partners and suppliers also think sustainably — and regionally.
Lady waking up in the comfortable beds at the Henriette Stadthotel, Vienna.
Live well. Feel good.
... while sleeping
What a good feeling to open your eyes in the morning and feel right at home in Vienna. Your room? It’s got everything you need! And the bed? Heavenly!
Tray with breakfast made from regional products at the city hotel Henriette, Vienna.
Live well. Feel good.
... at breakfast
As you admire your organic egg, take a moment to think of our dedicated breakfast team. They masterfully transform what Austria’s seasons have to offer into delicious treats.
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